Saturday, May 21, 2011

Press Release: An Introduction to Form and Feathering of the Domestic Fowl

Sunday May 22, 2011

An Introduction to Form and Feathering of the Domestic Fowl
Brian Reeder

This informative new volume is the second release in Mr. Reeder's series of guide books to breeding and genetics. Specifically dealing with the Domestic Fowl, the ubiquitous chicken, this volume deals with form, complimenting the first book in the series, 'An Introduction to Color Forms of the Domestic Fowl'.

In this introduction to the genetics of form and feathering of the domestic fowl you will find a straightforward method that allows anyone, beginner or advanced hobbyist, to understand how the major genes of forms and feathering come together to create the silhouette that is the hallmark of each breed. Beginning with a discussion of the skeleton genes, then moving to muscling genes, feather genes and finally to comb genes, an understanding of the layers that make the silhouette is revealed. From this system of understanding how the silhouette is formed, one can then understand what really makes one breed unique from another.

All of the genes presented herein are found in the commonly seen exhibition breeds and many hobbyists will be familiar with these breeds, but may be less familiar with the genetic factors involved. This volume is a wonderful tool for learning the basis of how the breeds are made, how their respective forms are derived from separate genes of form and feathering, and how those genes all come together to make the form of any given breed. Many genes are required to derive each type and the combination of those many genes creates the silhouette. As you will see from the many silhouette illustrations on this book, once you know a breed, it is instantly recognizable from the silhouette alone.

In addition to the discussion of the genes, there is a discussion of basic genetic concepts and of the complex and often confusing method of quantitative that is very applicable to many of the genes described herein. This book presents a very clear system for learning about the genetics of form and feathering in the domestic fowl and is written to be understood by the young and beginners alike.

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